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More Than Three Dozen Helicopters Take Part In Exercise Falcon Autumn 2022

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Falcon Autumn
CH-47F Chinooks of 298 Squadron. (All images: Author)

Falcon Autumn 2022 saw the participation of Dutch, U.S. and Polish helicopters.

Between Oct. 31 and Nov. 18, 2022, exercise Falcon Autumn 2022 took place in the Netherlands. Over 1,000 troops and 37 helicopters from three nations trained together to prepare for large airborne operations. The participating units were the Dutch 11th Air Mobile Brigade and Dutch Helicopter Command, the U.S. Army out of Germany and the Polish Army.

The flying units trained together transporting troops, using FARPs (Forward Arming and Refueling Points) in the field, picking up sling loads on a PUZ (Pick Up Zone) and to conquer an airfield.

Large combined missions were flown during daytime and at night from former Air Base De Peel to, among others, Deelen Air Base and FARPs in the East, Drachten Air Port in the North and former Naval Air Station Valkenburg in the East.

AS532 of 300 Sqn.
Dutch Apache helicopters.
A Polish Army Hip.

The RNLAF published an interesting infographic where you can find a list of the participating aircraft and units.

Infographic with the main facts of Ex. Falcon Autumn.

Dutch Helicopter Command:

  • 4x CH-47F CAAS –298 SQN
  • 2x AS532 – 300 SQN
  • 4x AH-64D – 301 SQN
  • 2x NH90 – 850 SQN


  • 8x CH-47F
  • 8x UH-60
  • 6x AH-64D

Polish Army 25th Air Cavalry Brigade:

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