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Ahhh yes, this is the time of year to take a look back, before taking a look forward. I like to dive into AirlineReporter’s analytics and see what stories were the most popular and where you readers are from. Some of you maybe thinking “well heck David, there haven’t been as many stories this year.” Well, you would be right. I do not want to make any sort of grand statement that we will soon be back to the days of having a daily new story… but I hope we find a happy place in the middle.

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Let’s take a look at the most read stories, what cities and countries our readers are from, and some other nerdy odds and ends!

Top 5 Stories Read & Written in 2023

The top read story of 2023 was the clear winner of the year… by a lot! Manu had a great idea for our April Fools story and it seemed that many of you liked it as well. I am just happy that we have not heard from Mr. Musk or his lawyers. Not only was the Singapore A350-900ULR the third most read story of the year, it was published on December 14, 2023, meaning it only two weeks to hit that position — impressive. Manu really rocked it this year!!!

  1. Breaking News: Elon Musk Purchasing a Majority Stake in American Airlines  by Manu
  2. JAL’s 777-300ER Business Class, New York to Tokyo by Manu
  3. Singapore Airlines A350-900ULR to New York… Going the Distance by Manu
  4. Icelandair Saga Class, SEA-KEF-SEA by Francis
  5. Air France’s New Long-Haul Business Class is Airborne by Manu
A Delta Airbus A330-900neo at SEA

Top 10 Stories Read, But Not Written in 2023

These are stories that were popular, but were written many moons ago.

  1. What’s So Special About the Airbus A330-900neo? (Aug 2019)
  2. Seattle to Frankfurt via Condor Premium Economy (May 2015)
  3. Gibraltar Airport, Where a Road Goes Through the Runway (Nov 2009)
  4. Requiem For a Trijet Masterpiece – The Lockheed L-1011 (Sept 2015)
  5. Head-to-Head Battle: Comparing Air France and KLM (Dec 2020)
  6. SeaTac’s New International Arrivals Facility – Complete With the World’s Longest Bridge Over a Taxiway (Mar 2022)
  7. Living the Dream: Flying Seat 1A on a 747 (Jun 2017)
  8. A Diagcon Look at the New First Class on an Alaska Airlines A321 (Feb 2020)
  9. Etihad’s 787 Dreamliner Business Class Review (Nov 2022)
  10. Reactions After my First Airbus A350 Flight (Jun 2018)

Top Countries Reading Our Crazy Aviation Stuff

I am pretty darn sure this is the first time we have seen China make it to this top 10 list… 欢迎 (Google tells me that is “welcome”)

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. Germany
  6. France
  7. Singapore
  8. India
  9. Japan
  10. China

Top Cities Reading Our AvGeek Goodness:

  1. New York 
  2. Los Angeles
  3. London
  4. Dallas
  5. Chicago
  6. Seattle
  7. Atlanta
  8. Singapore
  9. Miami
  10. Toronto

The Countries Who Only Had One Site Visitor

There was only one country that had zero visitors to our site… can you guess which one? North Korea. Shocking, right? Otherwise we had at least one visitor from each country and those below only had one (I have to admit I had to Google a few of them):

  1. Comoros
  2. Falkland Islands
  3. Kiribati
  4. Nauru
  5. St. Barthélemy
  6. Turkmenistan
  7. Wallis & Futuna

Random Stuff That I Found Interesting (And You May Too)

  • About 65% of you are on mobile devices, 30% are on desktops/laptops, and 5% are on tablets.
  • 46 of you accessed our site via a Smart TV… go you!
  • Most of you use Chrome, followed by Safari, Edge, and Firefox. However, many of you are tech savvy and 37 different browsers have been used to access AR.
  • Some of my favorite browser names: Aloha Browser, SeaMonkey, Nintendo Browser (which I first wrote as “Bowser”), PaleMoon, and Puffin.
  • Number of screen resolution combinations used to surf AR: 2229. 390×844 is #1 and 1920×1080 is #2.

Time to Conclude…

So here is the bad and good news. I really do not have anymore analytics to share and that is because that is all we track. We do not get into more detail on our users, because we do not need to and I don’t want to be responsible for your data. With that… Cheers to 2024!

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF & FOUNDER – SEATTLE, WA. David has written, consulted, and presented on multiple topics relating to airlines and travel since 2008. He has been quoted and written for a number of news organizations, including BBC, CNN, NBC News, Bloomberg, and others. He is passionate about sharing the complexities, the benefits, and the fun stuff of the airline business. Email me: david@airlinereporter.com



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