First Footage Of Ukrainian Su-27 Dropping French-supplied AASM Hammer Bomb Emerges


Su-27 AASM
Ukrainian Su-27 drops an AASM bomb (Image composed using screenshot by WarbirdCrew Telegram Channel)

A clip shows for the first time that Ukrainian Air Force Su-27s have integrated the French AASM Hammer bomb already spotted on the MiG-29s.

A few weeks ago we reported about the image of a MiG-29 of the Ukrainian Air Force, armed with a French-made AASM Hammer guided bomb, circulated online and providing the first visual evidence of the weapon being used in the Ukrainian war.

On Apr. 12, 2024, a new clip circulated online shows a Ukrainian Su-27 Flanker dropping the French-made Hammer guided bomb.

This is the first time we get confirmation that the weapon has been integrated on the Ukrainian Air Force Su-27 fleet.

As explained in our previous story, following French President Emmanuel Macron’s declaration in January 2024, France initiated the provision of 50 AASM bombs monthly to Ukraine along with an overall allocation of 40 extra SCALP missiles throughout the year. While the deliveries commenced promptly after the announcement, it’s only this month that the initial deployment of these armaments has been documented.


The AASM (Armement Air-Sol Modulaire “Highly Agile Modular Munition Extended Range”), known as the “Hammer,” is a versatile weapon system comprised of a nose guidance section and a tail range extension kit, adaptable to 250 kg and 1000 kg bombs, with 125 kg and 500 kg variants reportedly under consideration. It offers three variations: inertial and GPS guidance, GPS, inertial, and laser guidance, and SBU-64 GPS, inertial, and infrared guidance.

Capable of day or night operations, in all weather conditions, and from stand-off distances exceeding 70 km at high altitude, the AASM maintains effectiveness even at low altitudes and extreme angles relative to the target. It boasts precision vertical strike capabilities akin to top-down attack functionality seen in many missiles.

Fully integrated onto the Rafale aircraft, the AASM functions as a stand-alone system on the Mirage 2000, Mirage F1, and F-16. Initially expected to be utilized by the F-16 upon delivery to Ukraine, it has meanwhile been integrated on the MiG-29 and Su-27.

Ukrainian MiG-29 AASM
Ukrainian MiG-29 carrying an AASM guided bomb. (Photo: unknown author via @Osinttechnical)

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